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Power of Intention

I studied with Lynne Mctaggart, an investigative journalist, who has helped the world understand the Power of our thoughts. I had looked into Power of Attraction but felt there was a piece missing. When I came across Power of Eight, a book that Lynne had written, it made total sense that there was more to it. I have taken a Master Class as well as a healer's class with Ms. McTaggart. I have seen amazing things with the Power of Intention. When you create the thoughts and send them from your heart to others or yourself, it shifts the outcome tremendously. 

And again it is very simple and powerful. 

"Lynne studied master healers and Buddhist monks.  She’s investigated the New Science, she’s tested it with countless people around the globe. She’s also proved it in more than 35 global scientific experiments, working with frontier scientists and leading universities.

Over the years, she’s taught thousands of people to unleash a miraculous power they’d never dreamed of – to heal their health, their career or finances, their relationships. "

Look forward to combining the Power of Intention, Family Constellation work and Sound Healing. The combination triples the effect. 

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