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Family Constellation Work

Is This a Piece of the Puzzle? 

Are you Stuck?  

repeating Patterns? 

Not Getting Well physically/emotionally or Spiritually?

Everything has been tried and nothing is working. You continue to be sick emotionally and or physically. 

You have a chronic illness that is resistant to therapies of all kinds. 

You have relationship issues at home and at work.

Family Constellation Work 

gives  everyone a different view of what has been carried all of their lives out of love and loyalty to their family. 

The opportunity then can be created for other therapies to work if they are needed.



Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, studied and treated families for more than 60 years. He observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of guilt, pain, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and even illness as a way of belonging and being loyal to our families. So often in our families, we have resigned ourselves to entanglements or failed attempts to love; we sense the issues are bigger than the circumstances but find ourselves powerless to work with and resolve them as they occur over and over, even through generations. Constellation Work brings to light the hidden forces behind our failed attempts to love. It allows us to untangle ourselves from unconscious loyalties and opens a door for simpler, caring family connections. 

A constellation has been described as having the effect of "several years of therapy condensed into a single hour." Unlike psychoanalysis, it reaches beyond the mind, transforming real images into powerful forces for healing that can impact the entire family-past, present and future.  A participant will choose others to represent certain family members. These representatives will then experience the hidden dynamics within the family, especially those who have been excluded or forgotten.  As peace and reconciliation are achieved, the genuine love and strength in a family can then begin to flow in a healthy way. 


CHERYL HALL PA-C, MHS, CHT, SOUND HEALER, obtained Family Constellation Training through the Hellinger Learning Center,  PA and Guided Learning Center NY., NY.   She had the honor of attending some of Bert Hellinger's training/workshops as well. Her fields of practice and study include formal training with Duke University's Physician Assistant Program, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, my0fascial release, lymph drainage, matrix energetics, medical hypnosis, past life regression, shamanism, creatrix transformologist, sound healing and herbal/nutritional alternatives to medication. As she began to apply Family Constellation work to her practice regardless of the setting, she noticed a shift in the clients'  healing. Family constellation work is one of the most powerful, innovative methods in the field. When we heal our foundational structure (family/ancestors)  then we have opened the door to solutions and new visions of the future. 

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